When running SAS, an error dialog pops up about Remote Browser

In SAS, results are sometimes presented in HTML format, and need a web browser running in order to view the results. When SAS is used on a desktop, the local desktop browser is used, however when SAS is run on a remote system, such as on the JHPCE cluster, SAS doesn’t know how to connect to the browser, and needs to use the SAS “Remote Browser” utility to locate the web browser.

To use the “Remote Browser” when using SAS on the JHPCE cluster, we have found that the following works:

1) Login to the cluster as you normally would:
2) On the jhpce01 login node, start up the Firefox browser in the background:

$ firefox &

3) Still on jhpce01,

$ rbrowser &

4) Now connect to the SAS queue, and start up the SAS program.

 $ qrsh -l sas
 $ sas

This should allow you to see HTML formatted data from in the browser running on jhpce01. One last note, you will be prompted to allow pop-ups from the SAS node when you first try and display something back to the Firefox browser on jhpce01 – you should allow the pop-ups.

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