My X11 forwarding stops working after 20 minutes.

X11 forwarding can be enable in your ssh session using the -X options to the ssh command:

$ ssh -X

This will allow you to run X based programs  from the JHPCE cluster back top the X server running on your desktop (such as XQuartz on Mac computers).  On some Mac computers X11 forwarding will work for a while but may eventually time out, with the error message:

Xt error: Can't open display: localhost:15.0

This error comes from the “ForwardX11Timeout” variable, which is set by default to 20 minutes.  To avoid this issue, a larger timeout  can be supplied on the command line to, say, 336 hours (2 weeks):

$ ssh -X -o ForwardX11Timeout=336h

or it can be changed in the /etc/.ssh_config file on your desktop by adding the line:

ForwardX11Timeout 336h

to the end of the /etc/.ssh_config file, or your own ~/.ssh/config file.  Note: a value higher than 596h may cause the X window server on your desktop to fail, as it is greater than 2^31 milliseconds and will exceed the signed 32bit  size of the “ForwardX11Timeout” variable.

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