How do I delete saved passwords in MobaXterm

When using MobaXterm you should not save your password when prompted to do so. MobaXterm will save your password, and then inadvisedly try to use that as your “Verification Code:”, which means that when you first connect to the cluster in MobaXterm, you are prompted for “Password:”, and which you will need to press to be prompted for “Verification Code:” If you accidentally saved your password, you can remove the saved password by the following steps.

1) In MobaXterm, go to “Settings->Configuration”

2) On the next screen select “MobaXterm Password Management”

3) This will display a list of saved passwords, and you should delete all of the entries that reference “jhpce”.

Once these entries are deleted, you should be prompted for “Verification Code:” when you connect to the cluster via MobaXterm.

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