Using Globus to transfer files

Globus is a “dropbox-like” service for academic and research communities. By using Globus,you can quickly and easily transfer files between Globus endpoints and your desktop.

Setting up an account:

The first step in using Globus is setting up and account on the Globus site.  To start, go to  and click on the “Sign Up” button in the upper right. Enter your Name, JHU Email address, and then select a username and password.

After you click the “Register” button you will receive a confirmation email.  Follow the instructions in that email to finalize your account setup.

As an option, you can use your JHEDID and password to login to your Globus account.

  •  Once you are logged into Globus, click on “Manage Identities”,
  • Next click on the “add linked identity” link
  • Next, click on the “Add Single Sign-On Identity” link
  • Select “InCommon/CILogon” as the Identity Provider
  • Enter a name for your linked identity (or keep the default)
  • Select select Johns Hopkins from the list of Identiry Providers.
  • You should now be presented with the familiar JHU Enterprise Authentication screen.  Enter your JHEDID and Password.

Once this is complete, you can login to the Gobus site with your JHEDID and password.

Transferring Files

With Globus, you can transfer data between nodes (known as “Endpoints”) that are part of the Globus network.  In order to transfer data to and from your desktop, you will first need to install the Globus Connect Personal package on your desktop.

Once the client is installed on you desktop or laptop, you will need to connect to one of the JHPCE Endpoints.  We currently have 2 Endpoints, one for use within the SPH network, and one for use for all other connections.  If you are at the SPH, you can use “jhpce#jhpce03” as the Endpoint.  From outside of the SPH network, use “jhpce#globus01” as the Endpoint.  To transfer data to or from the JHPCE cluster, click on the “Transfer Files” link on the Globus site, and enter “jhpce#jhpce03” or “jhpce#globus01” in the Endpoint section.  You will be prompted for your JHPCE username and password in the Globus screen.

Once you have entered your JHPCE login and password, you will be shown a list of files from your home directory on the JHPCE cluster.  From here you can navigate through the JHPCE cluster to find the directory or file you wish to transfer.

For the other Endpont, you can select either another existing Globus endpoint, or, if you installed the “Globus Connect Personal” software, you can select your local desktop or laptop.

To copy data between endpoints, select the file or directory you wish to copy, then click the right or left arrow indicating which direction to copy the data.