1. Search this web site

There is a lot of information on this site. You can search the site for helpful bits of information by entering keywords into the text box on the upper right.

2. Ask for advice on

9 times out of 10, this is the list to use. This is comprised of the JHPCE community. Send “how-to” or “why doesn’t this work” kinds of questions.  Many power-users are on this list as are the system administrators.  Here is where you ask questions running and installing application and about the fine points of R, Bio-conductor, Perl, SAS, C, SLURM, Sun Grid Engine, etc. This list is also used for announcements by the maintainers of various community tools and resources (e.g. R, perl, etc.). Ask to join the bithelp list if you want to stay on top of application issues or if you just want to learn. Feel free to contribute your wisdom.  To be added to the bithelp list, just send a request to the bitsupport list (described below).

3. Contact

The bitsupport list is how you communicate with the system administration staff about operational and administrative issues. For example: login issues, quota issues, system downtime issues, etc.  This list is monitored by the system administrators (Mark Miller, Jeffrey Tunison, & Jiong Yang)  and two faculty (Brian Caffo and Roger Peng).