JHPCE Cluster Upgrade – August 26 – 28

Dear JHPCE Community,

We are planning on taking the JHPCE cluster offline from August 26th – 28th in order to upgrade the nodes from their current Redhat 6.9 environment to Centos 7.6.  As part of the upgrade process, we have set up a small test cluster that is running Centos 7.6.  If you have built software packages for the current cluster, you may want to test that software on the new cluster before the cutover happens at the end of August.  While most software compiled under RedHat 6.9 should run on Centos 7.6, you may still want to recompile any programs you have built.

To connect to the test cluster, you will need to login to the “jhpce03.jhsph.edu” login node:

ssh USERID@jhpce03.jhsph.edu

We have 2 compute nodes (compute-051 and compute-052) that you can access by running “qsub/qrsh” from jhpce03 just as on the current cluster.  Please keep in mind that this is a test system and we are still performing work on the nodes, so there may be times when we may need to reboot nodes.  We will be sure to notify any active users prior to doing anything intrusive.

At this time we only have the /users, /jhpce/shared, and /fastscratch partitions available on the new cluster, but we will be making the /dcs01, /dcl01, /dcl02, and /legacy partitions  available shortly.  Please feel free to email bitsupport if you have any questions.

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