Upcoming patching on the JHPCE cluster – August 2017

During the early part of August, we will be installing system and security patches across all of the nodes on the JHPCE cluster.  The upgrades will be done in a rolling manner so as to minimize the impact of this upgrade on cluster utilization.  During this time, the cluster will still be operating at around 75% capacity, however wait times for jobs in queue may be longer than usual.

Login/Transfer Nodes:

The main login node, jhpce01, will be updated on Monday, August 14th at 8:00 AM, and should be back online by 9:00 AM.  Any qrsh or screen sessions running on jhpce01 at that time will be terminated.  If you need to login to the cluster during the time of the upgrade, you can use the secondary jhpce02 login node.  The lesser used jhpce02 login node will be upgraded the week prior, August 7th, between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.  The transfer-01 node will be upgraded on Tuesday, August 8th between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

Compute Nodes:

The compute nodes will be updated in groups throughout the first weeks in August.  Several days prior to upgrading a group of compute nodes, access will be suspended on the nodes to prevent new jobs from starting, and allow running jobs on those nodes to complete.  On the day of the upgrade, if there are jobs still running on the nodes to be upgraded, those jobs will be terminated.  If you have a critical, long-running job on a node to be updated, please email bitsupport@lists.jhu.edu and we will try to accommodate your request.

If you are a stakeholder that owns compute nodes, and you need uninterrupted access to your nodes in early August, we can postpone the upgrade of your nodes to a later date.  Please email bitsupport@lists.jhu.edu if you have any questions.

The schedule for upgrading the compute nodes, and the queues affected, is as follows:

Aug 1:
compute-043 – gwas
compute-045 – jabba
compute-049 – ozone
compute-051 – chaklab
compute-053 – stanley
compute-055 – mathias
compute-057 – bader
compute-061 – hongkai
compute-063 – cegs2
compute-064 – cegs2
compute-071 – cegs
compute-072 – cegs
compute-077 – beer
compute-078 – beer
compute-085 – leek
compute-086 – leek
compute-093 – bluejay
compute-094 – bluejay
compute-101 – sas
compute-103 – chatterjee
compute-104 – chatterjee

Aug 3:
compute-047 – jabba
compute-059 – gwas
compute-067 – cegs2
compute-068 – cegs2
compute-075 – cegs
compute-081 – beer
compute-082 – beer
compute-089 – leek
compute-090 – leek
compute-097 – bluejay
compute-098 – bluejay
compute-107 – chatterjee
compute-108 – chatterjee
compute-112 – hpm

Aug 8:
compute-044 – gwas
compute-046 – jabba
compute-050 – ozone
compute-052 – chaklab
compute-054 – stanley
compute-056 – mathias
compute-058 – bader
compute-060 – ozone
compute-062 – hongkai
compute-065 – cegs2
compute-066 – cegs2
compute-073 – cegs
compute-074 – cegs
compute-079 – beer
compute-080 – beer
compute-087 – leek
compute-088 – leek
compute-095 – bluejay
compute-096 – bluejay
compute-102 – sas
compute-105 – chatterjee
compute-106 – chatterjee

Aug 10:
compute-048 – jabba
compute-069 – cegs2
compute-070 – cegs2
compute-076 – cegs
compute-083 – beer
compute-084 – beer
compute-091 – leek
compute-092 – leek
compute-099 – bluejay
compute-100 – bluejay
compute-109 – chatterjee
compute-110 – chatterjee
compute-111 – chatterjee

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