Status of the datacenter move

We moved the hardware to Bayview over the weekend. Mark and Jiong are currently bringing up, updating and testing the various systems.  We are relieved to report that all the file systems survived the move. Accordingly there will be no need to recover data from the disaster-recovery backups that we created over the summer.

Over the next two days, we will be updating and testing the systems. We are taking advantage of the downtime to perform various long-delayed upgrades of the system software and some networking hardware.

Below are a few pictures from over the weekend. To get a sense of what this move entailed, imagine moving a car from one garage to another. Easy right? Not really, because you have to take the car apart in the first garage, carefully transport the pieces to the other garage, and then reassemble the car.



Figure 1. The datacenter module at Bayview is on the left. The cooling unit is on the right.

moving_teamFigure 2. The moving crew ready to go at 6:30 in the morning.

staged_serversFigure 3. Servers and storage JBODs staged in preparation for racking (entering through the door at the far end). Equipment was transported in 7 shipments.

racking_a_serverFigure 4. Racking a server.



Figure 5. Panorama of the racks in our aisle. At this point most equipment has been racked. Mark (seated) is testing equipment.


Figure 6. Rats nest of cables in the back of the main cabinet with the core switch and head nodes.


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